Drivers Log

Keep track of everything you spend on your vehicle

Drivers Log allows you to organize all your vehicle expenses and activities in one easy-to-use program. If you can create a vehicle profile, Drivers Log can organize its data for you. The app isn't restricted to cars, and can be used to keep tabs on spending for everything from a motorcycle to an airplane.

Main features:

  • Unlimited number of vehicles per database

  • Information about model style, color, purchase date, insurance provider

  • Itemizes accessories purchases

  • Monitors fuel consumption, mileage, and costs

  • Maintains a list of all maintenance services done on the vehicle

  • Documents loan/lease payments, registration, title, insurance etc.

  • Tracks both personal and business trip expenses, including tax deductions

  • Imports fuel log and trip expense information from PDAs with Excel

  • Customizable views with grid layouts and data filters

Drivers Log


Drivers Log 3.00